E-Bike System

Our E-Bike System has a number of unique selling points:

  • Energy efficiency*: 86%
  • Power to weight ratio: 17.6 W/kg
  • Mounting type: internal mid drive
  • Unpowered ride quality: not constrained by E-Bike System

* Energy efficiency = 250 W sustainable power output at rear wheel / continuous power of motor

* Smallest peak power rated motor to achieve a consistent 250 W output at the rear wheel

E-bike System

We have developed the world's most efficient power to weight E-Bike system

Component Specification

Transmission system
Assistance: 25 km/h (35 km/h unrestricted)
Assistance level: automatic
Motor voltage: 32.4 V
Motor power (peak): 290 W
Motor power (consistent): 250 W
Motor torque (peak): 145 Nm
Motor torque (consistent): 90 Nm
Transmission system weight: 2.5 kg
Transmission system warranty: 1 year
Weight: seat post load cell
Incline and acceleration: IMU chip
Rider torque input: torque wheel
Speed: rear wheel magnet
Mounting type: internal down tube
Lithium-ion Polymer
Specific energy: 300 W/h
Voltage: 32.4 V
Capacity: 9 Ah
Range (undulating terrain): 30-35 miles (rider weight 75-100 kg)
Weight: 1.5 kg
Warranty: 2 years
Battery charger
Charger voltage range: 230 V
Regionally specific plug
Charging time: 100% in 2.2 hours
Charging cycles: 800
Control unit
Back lit
Display buttons
Control buttons
Communication: Bluetooth enabled /
smartphone app compatible
Locally serviceable with handy how to videos